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Jeff teaches concepts and techniques of rhythm guitar for the purpose of accompanying Irish session tunes. Lessons are offered both privately and in public workshops at festivals and music camps and are geared toward the individual with a prior working knowledge of guitar basics.

"Jeff Moore has given our students what they need most -- a competent and prepared teacher who is dedicated to their learning how to accompany Irish music on guitar. To their benefit, he also is a talented performer who demonstrates well his methods on stage. Jeff is one of those rare players who teaches what he performs."

Ken Fleming
Director - O'Flaherty Irish Music Retreat

photo by Lisa Anderson 2007

Check the current list of Events for scheduled public workshops in your area.

To book Jeff for guitar lessons in the Austin metro area, classes and workshops at music camps and festivals nationwide call:



Some of the topics that may be covered in workshops and lessons are:

- Chords for DADGBE and DADGAD tunings
- Basic rhythms for jigs, reels, hornpipes, etc.
- Picking and strumming techniques
- Session etiquette
- Session dynamics for the accompanist
- Rhythmic variations
- Walking baselines
- Modal accompaniment

There are many great guitarists in the Irish & Scottish genre and students of accompaniment can benefit greatly from listening to their recordings. Click here for Jeff's list of recommended recordings.

Chord charts in PDF format:

DADGAD chords

DADGBE (Dropped-D) chords

Looking for advice about what kind of guitar to buy, what strings to use, whether or not it's cool to use a capo? Check out Jeff's guitar info and recommendations page.

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